Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And the Winner is......

You know part of my job is thinking up contests to run on our website and we're in a middle of planning a big one currently. We can't do sweepstakes so we have to be a little more creative at choosing the winners.

There were so many lovely entries - some actually gave me insipirations for future colours. The haloscan commenting features don't allow to email each one individually so I have to say here and on the Knitters' Review forum -


Now here are some honourable mentions

Erin made me laugh when she suggested "Ribena Berry" because that is a famous little mascot herein Singapore and Malaysia for the Ribena Blackcurrant drink.

Blueberry Rose was suggested by both Linda and Ajoursteek.

Dolcetto Delphinium is the sweetest name suggested by Sandy. I'm already planning this colourway -Deep deep grape and blues next.

BUT I have said it on the Knitter's Review forum that my preference is leaning towards the Strawberries because of this

So Strawberry Hyacinth and Gayle wins !!

By the way, Gregory and I picked those strawberries ourselves. See...

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