Friday, May 26, 2006

Latest dye job

OK here's the latest Dye job I did.

I can't seem to decide what to call it. I would love to keep to the flower + fruit combination. Its working name is "Brandywine" but there's too much pink in it to justify the name.

I'll give this hank free to the visitor who proposes the best name.

It's 100g 450yds of Henry's Attic Monty 3/9 which is fingering weight. It's not going to my dye-o-rama pal cos I have another colourway planned for her.

BTW Erin - Wilton's is a brand of food colouring used for icing and easter eggs which many home dyers have succesfully used on yarn. More colours choices than Kool Aid and best of all- you can buy it in Malaysia ( and I guess Singapore) at any baking supply shop.

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