Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tri-Knit-Y Round Up

I've finished the back of Salina. I'm surprised it went so fast, as I really don't like knitting in double knit. I put in roughly 3 hours of mindless stockinette a night since last Thursday and revisited my Star Trek : Voyager dvds. Thank God for Star Trek.

Lyn has changed her project to Tea Time and that flamenco colour is looking good.

Sally casted on a simple tunic knit and I believe she has finished a back too.

Lois is knitting the Drops Cardigan and reports that she is pas the 3rd lace repeat.

Erin has finished the knitting part of her project and is SMOCKING the waist! My hat's off to her! I'm really tempted to get that nice blue colour Trinity that she has.... it's subtle - like the Hibiscus colourway but lovely.

The others have not reported in yet but I am sure there will be on their projects in the coming weeks.

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