Friday, April 21, 2006

Papaya Rose

It's a funny name but I can't really think of another name for this new experiment of mine.

This one was done quite some time ago actually but I never got the chance to take a picture in natural light.

I used a different method for dying this. I had two balls of Adriafil Baby in natural which is 100% wool 4 ply weight. I just took off the label and place both in a dish of water. Then I squeezed some green dye on one side and rose on the other then just steamed it until the water is clear. After some time I add a few drops of orange here and there.

By this time the balls look quite awful. I'm sorry I didn't take a picture but I was ready to throw them out. I left the balls to dry out on their own which took a really long time and then decided to skein it and ... well - serendipity!

Because of the very short spaces between dyes, it's not self striping or variegated, but a mish mash of colours of warm orange, rose and green.

I can't wait to knit something this yarn. Maybe Pomatomus.

However if someone wants to test knit this colourway for me, please email me and we'll talk. I am really thinking of doing more of this colourway.

Sally has finished her Trinity project. She must be a knitting speed demon. Hope I get to see it this Saturday when we meet up.

Erin of course has debuted her beautiful smocked project last week

Carey (aka: bovinekitti) has just joined us and she is blogless but I'll post her updates from time to time. She has this to say :-

So anyway, I have this Trinity yarn and I'm looking foward to working with it again, but with support of others doing the same. I frogged my first attempt with it from a pattern book, but only because I was pregnant and realized I'd never finish and be able to wear it anytime soon. I still plan to make that garment, but will wait until I'm done with kids and get my figure back. Eunny made the same sweater and gave it away, and so I learned I'll need to size up to get the same look as the model is wearing. One thing I found is that Bryspun needles are easier on the wrists and fingers when working with this yarn. I think it's got some stickiness to it, as well as it being so unelastic. I tried bamboo, and needed the yarn to glide better on the needles, but aluminum wasn't the answer. The Bryspun are a pleasure to work with and I've since bought DPs to use on socks and the booties.

If there's a way to do a simple blog...where DH doesn't have to get involved (he'll say there's plenty on my plate to be working on that! - I have SO much to catch up on around the house as it is :) Then, I'll try to post updates on my progress. The only thing is that I'm going to try to finish a baby gift for a friend... It's become my albatross, as I'm making it bigger than baby-size, double-stranding the yarn on size 8's ....and it's an acrylic boucle (for washability). It better turn out good for the pain it's giving me ;) I'm giving myself two weeks to finish it then start on the Trinity. If I don't finish in two weeks, I'll start on the Trinity KAL anyway so I'm not too far behind.

The rest of us are still plugging away :)

Till later.

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