Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Finally - a yarn for Clapotis

I finally found a yarn suitable for Clapotis.

I blogged about this quite some time ago and though there are plenty of great yarn substitutes and dozens of beautiful Clapotis around the web, I never really found something that met my criteria.

until now

The Blue, Turquoise and Lilac Clapotis

The yarn is for my favourite handpainted yarns from the ebay store Over The Rainbow - and is called Shmmer in the crocus colourway. It is a Rayon/silk mix and the worsted weight makes it go real fast. The drape in this thing is unbelievable.

I am making a smaller wrap - only 14 inches as opposed to the original 21 inches and this one is for me - nobody else but me.

My baby was 2 on Saturday. Wasn't it only yesterday when he looked like this

Baby Gregory 2 days old

or like this

Baby Gregory 1 year old

Now he's a gorgeous kid who looks like this

Gregory is 2


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