Friday, July 15, 2005

I wish

I'm not going to say I beat the bad sock karma yet but I've finally turned the heel and am chugging along nicely around and around the foot.

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However the bad karma maybe moving around to other areas of my life cos my home pc just gave up the ghost yesterday. Let's just say it's a combination of a thunderstorm and a window that should not have been opened being left open. And let's just say that I have house guests that opens windows in rooms they have no business opening windows in.

For those whose penny didn't drop - I am supposed to have 30 stitches on the heel (ie half the cast on stitches) not 24.

Met up with Lyn and Vanessa yesterday to have a coffee and a vent and as usual running up the lists of knits we would love to do next.
Some of the knitters are doing Orangina - which I am not convinced will be flattering to me but it was nice looking over their projects.

There just so many knits I want to do that I'm just sprouting them out of my ears. Does any else get these small panic attacks just thinking about the amount of yarn one has and the amount of knits one wants to do? Not to mention the other mountain of yarn one is lusting over and wants to buy but has yet to buy?

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