Thursday, July 07, 2005


In the interest of learning to take better pictures I give you two examples of the One Skein Wonder taken in the same light (by the french windows) - one with flash and one without. Which do you think looks better?
With flash

One Skein Wonder

Without Flash

one Skein wonder without flash

and here are more granny squares

From Usha

Granny's from Usha

And these ones are going out to a couple of ladies in a mini granny square exchange at the Malaysian Stitchers' yahoo group.

my granny squares

I am also wondering if I dare to make this lovely top

SIlk Ribbed Corset

*News Flash*--- As I am writing this, I am just getting the news about the explosions in the London Underground. Just today at lunch, I was reminiscing about my trip to London this time last year and how I wish I was there now. My great sympathies to all who have been affected by this. All of a sudden I don't really feel like writing any more. Till next time.

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