Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Back from Bangkok

I got back from my extended weekend in Bangkok with my mum and sister on Monday when I was plunged in this crazy whirl of work. Some corporate visitors on very short notice, resulting spending two sleepless nights completing a presentation.

Bangkok has only two knitting related sites worth visiting that I know of, which I had detailed in my previous post.

The only thing I managed to score was this Knitting book

which I have wanted ever since it has been mentioned in the Laceknitters Yahoo Group.

It's not easy to figure out. The charts are for sections of a circle but after a certain row- the chart expands to the entire row for some reason I can't fathom. Anyone out there who has this book ? Maybe you can help me decipher it.

I haven't been spinning but I did the sleeves of the Plaza, late Wednesday night, just hours before we got on the taxi to the airport for our early Thursday morning flight. I brought my Lotus Blossom shawl to Bangkok and so far have managed to reach Row 97.

All this running around has made me a little short for cash so I am destashing again. Check my destash site for some Japanese Mohair and vintage Phildar mohair yarn for sale.

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