Friday, November 03, 2006

Mountain Peaks blocking

I notice different bloggers have different ways of showing off their FO. Some wait for it to be fully blocked and then take beautifully modelled shots. Some like me who can't just keep posting in spurts the finishing process. I take about 3 posts to do the just off the needles, blocking and then maybe a modeled shot if there's good daylight and someone to model it for me.

Anyways here's a shot of the Mountain Peaks shawl blocking

Click on the pic for a bigger sized photo.

I was in a hurry to block so I didn't use the threading method to get a straight edge at the top. I didn't stretch it too much and still it turned out to be a good size shawl, about 50" across. Not bad for 650 yds.

Here's a look at the botton pointed edge

I just noticed as I took this pic that I had blocked the purlside facing up. I don't think that makes a difference does it?
As you can see it's a little wonky on the right side of the center leaf BUT nothing I can't live with.

As for Bianca's Jacket - one sleeve done.

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