Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Clapotis Calling

I haven't been knitting much last weekend as DH & I was supervising the light fittings at our new house. It's a stressful affair, I tell you. Each time we go through the house there's always some little detail still wrong with it. Deciding where to place the bathroom cabinets and towel rails for our miniscule bathroom took too much time and DH is a stickler for perfect alignment. Even after placing the correct lights under the correct wires, we came back yesterday to find that

1. One light was placed in a different socket
2. One switch controlled 3 lights and two other switches were not connected to any lights at all
3. One light in our bedroom was higher than the other.
4. The sink in one bathroom was placed too close to one door so that it could not open fully (grr! grr!)
5. Two switches controlled one light and one did not have a switch control at all.

I've never been so stressed out in my life! Must do some knitting tonight to calm down.

Clapotis is calling out its siren call again and I've looking round for an alternative to the recommended Lorna’s Laces Lion and Lamb. Somehow I can imagine spending the equivalent of 450 Malaysian Ringgit on a scarf. As a little comparison, RM 450 was enough to pay for my flight and accommodation to Bangkok. And I am sorry I don't really think I love Clapotis that much.

So with the trusty Google, I looked for all the other substitute yarns knitters around the world have used for Clapotis.

Phil Phil - Alchemy Synchronicity

Maggi -Mystical Creation Fibers

Jo - Lush - not sure what this yarn is but it looks Yummy!

Hapagirl - Lion Brand Kool aid dyed yarn which looks funky

This Blogger ( not sure what her name is) - Fleece Artist Silken

Ladybean - Koigu Kersti

Rachel - Serendipity in South America

Pure Laine - a rayon boucle that doesn't look half bad – I have a cone of rayon boucle cone still unused in my stash hmmm ....

Liz - Interlacements Merino Superwash

Karen - Cherry Tree Hill Silk Merino

Someone also recommended Peace Fleece which is a definite possibility.

From my own stash possibilities include:-

1. Continuing with the 100 % cotton Patons Bumblebee – but the gauge is too small and the colour is too pastel for my liking.
2. Rayon/cotton boucle from
3. Sirdar Fine Chenille - which I think would be nice except it's a solid colour and Clapotis cries out for a variegated or handpainted yarn.

Anyone has any other suggestions??

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