Thursday, November 18, 2004

Scarf-(et) Fever

I did resist the lure of the socks - for now. I do want to finish at least a couple of my projects first. With that in mind I have almost finished the back of the ASC Lacy Jacket when I ran out of yarn. Most of my stash is at my mum's place in storage until I move to my new house in December. I kept a couple of balls with the project but the ASC went so fast. I've now just finished my 4th ball. Same thing happened with my Trinity Lacy Tunic. SO what is a girl to do!

Just when I resigned myself to sitting down and figuring out a sock - I realise that I had packed my dpns in the same box as all the yarn.

This is what I did last weekend instead

Click here for a more detailed view
Yarn:- Schachenmayr Apollo 100% acrylic
Pattern:French Crinkly Scarf from Un Journal de Marie
For some reason, mine doesn't look as crinkly as hers, probably because I use repetitions of 10 and not 6.

I just realised that I do have 5 scarves to make for Christmas and here's the yarn for the next one :-

Proposed pattern : Irish Hiking scarf or a similar cabled scarf

Also in my head is a Multi directional scarf from one of those infernal sock yarns.

All scarves are going off to NZ for my sister and her family for christmas so I better get them out by the beginning of December.

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