Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas in Malaysia

I have been listening to DoubleTake's latest album 1 voice 6 strings 12 days of Christmas. I can't explain how excited I am about this duo. I was at the Feast of St Francis Xavier dinner two weekends ago (that's another story I may or may not blog about) and was just telling my husband that I didn't feel christmassy this year. I hadn't finished my shopping, the tree wasn't up, I had been rushing around at work getting two events organised and feeling generally too washed out for feeling anything.

Then these two got on stage and she opens her mouth .... By the time she finished her first song (Deck the halls), my eyes were glistening with christmas tree lights I hadn't yet put up. You know the feeling.

Please take a listen to a sample
Deck the Halls
The Christmas I know
And check out the review on The Star (the paper I work for).

The Christmas I Know is a Malaysian Christmas song. Being born a christian in Malaysia, we used to celebrate christmas in a very personal, non commercial way. It's a time for carolling in the hot tropical nights, singing about white stuff we had never seen. It's about midnight mass and christmas cantatas. And at the end of the day, we sit in the table at the outdoor kitchen and smell the curry or whatever food being cooked for the feast we'll be eating.

The Christmas I Know

Rise in the morning
Look out the window
Towering buildings
Standing on Tiptoe
There's no trace of reindeer
There's no mistletoe
It's Christmas in Malaysia
The kind that I know

Walk through the city
Met smiling faces
All different accents
All different races
It's warm here and sunny
There's no ice and snow
It's Christmas in Malaysia
The kind that I know

We'll fix up the tree
And turn on the lights
The moon will smile at us
On this warm, sunny night

So step in the kitchen
Sit at the table
Take in the good smells
Take in the people
We'll sing Christmas carols
The ones that we know

It's Christmas in Malaysia
The kind that we know
So Merry Christmas in Malaysia
I'm glad to be home.

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