Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Crossed Again

First of all I must thank Laura for giving me the heads up on Rowanspun. Thank goodness, I read your comment before I went off and bought it so I am back to the drawing board to see if I have other alternatives.

I did a swatch with Jaeger Trinity last night. Imagine me - swatching !!

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I am about 2 stitches away from the horizontal gauge and 2 rows away from the vertical gauge and this done with 3.75mm needles. I hesitate to swatch with 4 mm because the fabric is already a bit loose but look - no blocking required. Trinity knits up to a fairly thin fabric and that would be suitable for our weather. but .... I still want to try out some other posibilities before I make up my mind.

I am swatching Sirdar Breeze currently but the LYS I got it from only has mostly pastels I am hoping for a more natural, beige, grey or charcoal type colour.

Here's what I am doing with Picovoli. I have two 100gm skeins of Butterfly Cotton 8 in a lilac and I am sure that's not going to be enough for the whole project. After some serious digging around I found my stash of Di've Cotton Egitto I got from Elann last year and thought that it would be cool to have a lilac edging on a charcoal top.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I thought it worked out well. What do you think?

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