Friday, December 30, 2005

Final FO for the year

Finally I got the ends weaved in and blocked the Phildar Cotton-ease top.

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Cotton T- from Phildar Ete 2005
Cotton Ease - Lollipop Blue x 3 skeins

Forgive the bad shots - can you believe that I don't have a full length mirror at home?? I've been surviving on this little dressing table mirror and standing far, far away.

If I were to do this top again (and I might cos it's really fast and easy), I will add a little more ribbing at the neckline. It is supposed to be wide - from shoulder to shoulder so a bit more ribbing would help to stop the neckline from gaping.

I'd make it a couple of inches longer and would probably include either waist shaping or bust shaping.

But all in all, I'm pretty pleased with a simple t shirt knit I can wear with ease.

I've also finished the Samus body leaving only the sleeves and the edging to do.

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Because I wanted to have a little shaping instead of a straight body, I followed the decreases from Rosedale, another Knitty pattern with similar measurements.

Should get the sleeves done soon. I love working with worsted weight - it's just soo sooo fast!

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