Monday, September 06, 2004

Frogging the Tank

I decided to frog the shapely tank and start again with a size 38.
Happily knitting along to "Malaysian Idol" and starting the decrease for the waist when I realise I had cast on 10 less stitches.

So I had frog the whole thing and start again.
A friend lent me his colletion of "Hornblower" DVDs and I must say it was a better accompaniment to my knitting.

And because I do like Ioan Gruffudd so much, I'll invite you to check this wonderful site "Horny!" dedicated to this wonderful series of men, their honour and their uniforms.


alltangledup said...

I love Hornblower too. Have you seen any of the Sharpe's. Very good too, nothing like Sean Bean on the TV and knitting in the hands :-)

Mona said...

Polly, I haven't seen Sharpe but it's next on my list.
Nothing like BBC period drama. They used to have plenty on Malaysian TV but nothing new since the 1990s when TV became very American.

tweezer said...

ioan gruffudd is the best as hornblower. i actually got into him watching (gasp) 102 dalmations on tv. he's come a long way since then. and george looks great. lovely color!