Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Lust, desire, envy - and that's just about Yarn

That's it!
I have got to stop scouring eBay for yarn deals and blogs for swaps.
I am consumed by this obsession for self striping / variegated/ jewel coloured yarn like Noro, Cherry Tree Hill, and Koigu. I have spent too much money, if I keep on going my baby boy's not going to get any milk for six months!

I've even resorted to de-stashing some of my scarf yarn cos you know, there's only one or two scarves with the same yarn without just getting really sick of it.

Currently, I have 2 packs of 10 balls coming from ebay - and... *deep breath*.. 1 pack of DiVe Cotton from Elann and one pack of Jaeger Trinity from Polly at All Tangled Up.

You'd think this is enough for one month right?
I've just manage to convince myself I can wait till next month to get the Noro Silk Garden. But I have just heard ...... the company I work for has announce a little bonus this month!!
*faint* - I must resist buying more yarn!!

So help me please!


Oooh! one of the ebay yarn has arrived and I must say it's Unusual, alright

Take a look :-

I am not sure what to make of it. The auction description said that it was a mix of cotton and silk fibers and I was a little surprised to see that it was stranded together and not spun.

Here's a closer look -

OK so I have a few tanks lined up for this. I think I will go with a simple v-neck cap sleeves ribbed tank that I saw in a Keidotama ( Japanese) Magazine. If I can figure out the japanese chart pattern first. But first to swatch.

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