Friday, September 03, 2004

I'm Tanked Up

OK! Slap me, I jumped on the Tank bandwagon.
See I don't wear tanks although I often wish I could. I have this thing about my upper arms, can't bear to see them exposed. BUT I do wear them under jackets or shirts. AND I have to give myself an excuse to go on a diet.
The other motivating factor being I am sooo sick of doing just scarves!! For the moment anyway.
So I have decided to do a tank. And I chose to do the Shapely Tank.

The idea of short rows appealed to me, since I do not like wearing stuff that is totally square and make my already disapparing waist even more invisible.

Here's my progress after 2 weeks.

After reading the Shapely tank knit-a-long blog I am wondering if this tank will be too big. I measured for 44" which gives me about 1 inch of room but apparently one should actually measure from the top of the breasts - ie - where your arm holes begin - to get the right measurement. Dare I rip it out and start on a smaller size?

Yarn is a lovely garnet red from Adriafil Cotone Povero.

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