Friday, September 03, 2004

More on Scarves

Just wanted to show off my newest finished scarf.
I really need to get an album somewhere.

Yarn is Paton's High Society that I got from eBay and Katia Gatsby. It's not as stiff as it looks - it's actually very soft and fluffy.

I love Katia Gatsby and will do up a project once I have saved enough
or find a good deal on ebay.

How much do you think this scarf would go for in ebay?

Here's a more detailed look at the scarf -

Ribbon yarn scarf Here's a variegated short slotted scarf that's going to my mum.I have decided not to fringe it. Yarn is Mark & Kittens Toscana Space. I'm not very happy with this ribbon yarn, it's very hard to work with.

Ribbon yarn scarf This fun scarf is still on the needles, I'm striping an eyelash and a charm yarn instead of knittng them together. I wanted a lightweight skinny and loooooong scarf for summer wear suitable for our climate.
It's light and lovely and the colours are too cute

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