Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Stash and Free yarn ( got you to look, didn't I?)

I haven't my camera with me and have been away from the 'puter for two days so here's a quick update on what's been happening knit wise.

I finally met Consomme on Friday by chance. Well I knew she was going to our local LYS so I dropped in at about 8.00 pm just to see if she was still there... and she was! Brenda - the owner, has been a sort of go-between for the previous weeks and was quite please with herself that we finally got together in the store at the same time. I got to see her project with the lovely Online yarn - oohhhh subtle variagation, chunky with a brush of mohair. It's going to turn out real nice, Consomme.

We chatted about Noro and the difficulty in bringing it in to Malaysia - Brenda would have to make a very expensive order, and she isn't so sure she can distribute the stock profitably. I should have told her there'd be tons of knitters in the US who would gladly take it off her hands if the price was good enough. I might do that the next time I am there.

There's nothing like stashing up with another knitter. Consomme persuaded me (didn't take much effort!) to start a project for my 18 month old son. So I got some Patons Bumblebee to make a little cardigan after I've finished with the Shapely Tank.

We're making plans for a more regular meet up and on the prowl for other like-minded knitters in the vicinity.

I finished the front of the shapely tank and am starting the decreases for the back.

The Jaeger Trinity arrived from Polly at the same time as the DiVe Cotton from Elann. Now my yarn stash is beginning to look respectable. I can't decide which to use for the Apricot Jacket from Rebecca. I love that pattern but I am not sure if it would suit my body shape being more on ...errr.. on the fluffy side. The Trinity is a nice violet and the DiVe cotton is charcoal grey. I fancy the Apricot Jacket would look divine in both colours --- decision... decisions!

Today my mum flew off to New Zealand to visit my sister who has strict instructions to stash up for me. What's even better is that my sis also asked if I could knit her some sweaters if she got all the yarn for me. She used to knit too, but has since given up because of her bad back.

I think there's nothing better to knit stuff and fondle stash without having paying for the yarn, don't you?
Will be posting pics of the new stash and the Shapely Tank progress when I get my camera back from my sister-in-law.

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consomme said...

Lucky you! I was so happy to have met as well and hope you enjoy the kid's knit. Can't wait to see your finished shapely tank too :o)