Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Shopping FAQ by Tropical Knitter

Just a short note today about some OYS shipping terms -

Shopping FAQ by Tropical Knitter for knitting needles, accessories and classes: "Countries That Are Restricted From All Shipments:
Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Columbia, Cuba, Czeck Republic, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Libya, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, North Korea, Philippines, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Thailand, Venezuela, Vietnam, Vietnam and Yugoslavia. This list is not exhaustive."

Firstly this site apparently specialises in yarn suitable for a tropical climate. As you can see most of the countries they do NOT ship to are tropical countries, including Malaysia. Secondly and most ironic thing is, the distance between Singapore to Malaysia is errmmm about 8 kms ie the length of the causeway between our two countries.

Thanks Tropical Knitter - you're not gonna get any of my business.


consomme said...

I've came across her store before. Unbelievable! Is that some weird regulation imposed by the S'porean govt? I have received knitting accessories from US and am now in the process of receiving yarn and books. The yarn she has are not entirely tropical-friendly either. Were you planning on getting something from her?

Mona said...

Consomme, I just happened to surf on to the site and yes I thought of getting something since I figured the postage would be cheaper.
But alas no such luck.