Sunday, October 10, 2004

First Finished Object other than a scarf for 15 years

The Shapely Tee is done!!
But I am not doing a happy dance yet. First I have to tell myself that it is the 1st project I have done in 15 years that's not a scarf.
2nd it's the first time I am doing short row shaping for the bust.

By the above reaction, you may have guessed that I am far from happy with it. It is completely my fault, though. I guess I thought I was knitting for me 15 years ago.

Lessons learnt form the Shapely Tee
1. MOST Important, acknowledge how much weight one can put on in 15 years especially after marriage and one kid.
2. Be honest about your bust size.
3. Short rowing is supposed to be done just below the binding off for the armhole. Now if your bust do not... um.. " peak" at the armhole then I think the short rowing should be several cms lower than the armhole.
4. If you are self conscious about rolls of fat around your waist - don't knit a fitting top.
5. I suck at seaming

I'll post a pic of of the Shapely Tee once I am braver.

I wonder if ribbing is slimming ......


Anonymous said...

Ribbing is NOT slimming. Quite the contrary.

knittygirl said...

I saw your message on KR and popped over for a visit. Your blog and project percentage bars look great!