Friday, October 22, 2004

Lacy Tunic Progress

I was about 4 cm away from the start of the lace pattern at the back when Consomme convinced me that it was quite long enough. And about time too! I was sooo sick of the never ending stocking stitch.

So this the progress of the lacy tunic just before the lacy panel starts- about midway down my back.

Here's a belated photo of my book stash I got from Bangkok.

I had forgotten that I got the Adorable Knits for Tots - I love this book cos there are a lot of summery patterns for kids more suitable for this climate. And the colours are just so beautiful.

Consomme also gave me a bunch of acrylic yarn she didn't like anymore. I am thinking of making some simple baby afghans made out of 8" by 8" squares - a good way to practice my swatching and experimenting with stitches. If all goes well, we can sell these baby afghans at our local charity fairs.

I should be finishing Cute Patootie tonight and next on the needles is --- Anouk . I've decided to do it in pink and cream - somehow the red and green of the original doesn't appeal to me. But I can't decided whether I should make the bodice in pink and the border in cream or the other way around.

Projects in Waiting

Clapotis after I finish the Madeira Cascade Lace Scarf , I am either going to use the same yarn as the Madeira Scrarf or use Sugar nCream ( yarn snobs will yell but it's soooo expensive to get Lorna's Laces!"

Inky Dinky Stole from Fiddlesticks - with Lotusblossom's hand dyed lace weight merino - Lagoon

Jane Ellison's Butterfly with Noro Silk Garden

I am still not sure about the Apricot Cardigan from Rebecca - will keep you posted on that.

Yikes!! So many projects , so little time - and just not enough yarn.

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