Thursday, October 14, 2004

Lacey Passion

I have decided that next month's stash will be devoted to lace.
I know it's only the middle of the month but once I come back from Bangkok I don't think I will spending on anything except for the bread and water I have to eat everyday.

I have Cherry Tree's lace yarn on my Watch list on eBay for the longest time and now I have found some nice handpainted lace yarn from eBay sellers Lotus blossom and Serendipity. Plus a source for handpainted Zephyr Jaggerspun. So watch out, November, it's lacey time.

I've finish one panel of the Madeira Cascade Lace shawl - 36" long. I plan to join another 36" panel to make the shawl a 72" stole. I thought of adding 2 more panels to the side to make it broader but have decided I like the width the way it is.

It's turning out to be such a unique peice of work, very very soft and the yarn has a nice sheen to it.

Tonight I shall decided which project to bring to Bangkok with me - the Cute Patootie or the Lacy top. I'll try to report from bangkok if I find a nearby Internet cafe.

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ww said...

how was your trip to bangkok ?